Sports and Entertainment Final
By: Jared Carda

New Movie Release - Godzilla

This movie originally grabbed my attention because the name "Godzilla" always has caught my attention. Ever since I was a young kid, the idea of dinosaurs and giant animal monsters has always grabbed my attention. The plot line of the movie is pretty straight forward; Godzilla attacks the city and the military try to kill him and save the city. The climax of the movie would probably the point that is about to reveal the actual monster. This has pretty much been the same idea outline for all of the previous Godzilla movies. I think a good campaign would be billboard and magazine ads. The big pictures of Godzilla would immediately catch the attention of the people either driving by or paging through a magazine looking for something interesting to read. Another thing that the movie team could do would be to create a website all about the movie. They could share upcoming events and facts about the movie. The website has the opportunity to build off and show clips of the past Godzilla movies. The history of the past movies will also catch the attention of the public, young and old. I think that this movie will have very good success.

Movie Poster Evaluation - Jaws

This movie poster drew my attention primarily because it has a shocking image. I mean BAMM there's a giant shark just about to eat a person. It also caught my eye because of the large picture of the shark and the big, bold letters of the title. The red contrasts the blue of the water and could even hint toward something else, possibly the blood when the shark eats. The words "The terrifying motion picture" along the top can catch the interests of the people because a lot of people like horror stories and thrillers. The poster shows that the movie is undoubtedly about a giant shark that tries to eat the people that swim in the water. The topic is pretty straight forward. I think that the curiosity of the people would really draw them to watch the movie. The poster shows that the shark is about to get the person, but we're not sure if it actually does eat the person.

Theme Park Market Manager

If I ran my own theme park, I would first of all make sure that there are a lot of fun and interesting rides or attractions for the people. One pricing strategy that I would want to use would be to set different prices based on the amount of business there is coming into the park. The amount of customers could be a result of the time of year it is. The summer days would probably be the time that there is the greatest amount of business because all of the teenagers are out of school and are looking for a fun time. Teenagers would most likely be the main group of people that the park makes the money on. Another strategy that I would use would be to have promotions like VIP passes and discounts on certain rides. The VIP passes would allow the people to not have to wait in lines, but just cut straight to the front. These could be offered to you when you are purchasing your ticket, and there would be a bonus charge added to the ticket charged if you wanted it. If you bought your ticket in advance, there would also be a discount on the VIP pass. The discount on certain rides would be for ones that are not as popular because then it would give the people a chance to experience the ride for a lower price than usual. This could get people talking about it and promote the ride.

Top Three Movie Marketing Strategies

The top strategy that I think movie marketers should use is a trailer of the movie. A movie trailer would be very successful because it shows actual clips of the movie to give the audience a taste of what the movie is about. It would leave them asking questions about how it would end and just everything that happens in the movie. Movie trailers have always gotten my attention way more than any of the other strategies. Even though the other ways give you the facts and everything about it, the trailers give you the best taste of what the movie is really going to be like.

The second strategy that should be used by movie marketers is to create some type of website about the movie. The website could provide links to other social media sites, give facts and inside news about the movie, games based on the movie and other things leading up to the release of the movie. I think that this would be very important for the true, die-hard fans of the upcoming movie so that they would know everything that would be happening during the movie and all the events that have to do with the movie.

My final strategy that movie marketers should use would to have a television appearance by the actors, actresses, producers, and writers. This would allow the people that want to see the movie to have a good idea of the basics about the movie and what to expect when they go to see it.

Upcoming TV Delivery Changes

One upcoming TV delivery change that I see coming in the future is that the shows are becoming much more available on the internet and ready to play any time that the viewers want to see them. One example of this is Netflix. They have a huge collection of shows/movies that are ready to be played any time the viewers want to see them. I think that marketers should really focus on the internet a lot more in commercials and advertisements. Netflix charges a monthly fee, which pays for getting the shows on their site and any other charges that they might encounter. Having all of these types of shows could lead the audience to places like Netflix where they could watch new and previous episodes they have missed, leading to more sales and exposure to the show. I personally have done this with shows when I watch shows on Hulu Plus. You get hooked on a new, interesting show and you just want to keep watching it all the way to the end to see what happens. The show that I did this with was Breaking Bad. I had heard a lot about how good of a show it was and I got curious to see what it was about. That lead me to watch the whole series all the way to the end.

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