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History of Animism

Animism originated in Africa. It was the worlds first known religion. Animism is a very simple religion, basically people that practice Animism believe that everything has a spirit. They also have a great respect for there ancestors and nature. Animism is still practiced in some parts of Africa today and it has affected there culture a lot to. Many people that are still practicing Animism have a great understanding for the natural world and show great respect for there ancesters.

Interesting Facts!

Georg Ernst Stahl was the first person to use the word animism in 1720

Animism can be linked to other religions such as Hinduism and shintosim


Shintoism was Japans first religion. It is actually closely related to Animism. In Shintoism they also believe that everything has a spirit except they are called Kami and should be respected and feared. They also believe that there emperor is a godlike figure and like Animism have a great respect for the natural world. Many people that practice Shintoism still have a great respect for nature the Kami and there emperor.

interesting fACTS!

Shinto means way of the gods in Japanese

Only 4 million people still practice Shintoism in Japan


Hinduism originated in India and now is India's main religion. They were the first religion to have a holy book, it is called the Vedas and is tales from the many Hindu gods. like Animism and Shintoism they believe everything has a spirit, except they believe that when your body dies your spirit will find a new body. That brings me to karma. Karma is the belief that if you do good doings in your life that when you die your spirit will go to a new body depending if your good or bad. Good karma you will go to a better body, if you are bad your spirit will go into a worse body. The caste system is the social class in India. The highest is the Brahmin or a priest the lowest is the sendas which are like peasants.

Interesting facts!

Hinduism has one billion followers

It is the worlds third largest reliogon


Buddhism originated in India and was created by a Indian prince. Even though it originated in India it didn't stay there it moved southeast Asia, China, Korea, and Japan. Buddhist believe that everyone suffers, and the cause of suffering is desires. To end your suffering you must end your desires. People who practice Buddhism tend to be peaceful and accept what life brings them.

interesting facts!

350 million people practice Buddhism

it is one of the fastest spreading reliogons


Taoism originated in China and its religious text is Tao te Chinge. The followers of Taoism believe that you need to follow the way(ying and yang). They also believe that you need to accept that there are things that you cannot change. People that practice Taoism tend not to get involved in politics and other social issues. They don't challenge the natural world and accept things as they come.

Interesting facts!

Many ancient Chinese art is from Taoism

Taoism is big in Taiwan


Confucianism originated in China by a man named Confucius. There holy text is the anaiects writings and stories from Confucius. Followers believe that everyone needs to accept there role in society. In many ways its like Taoism except in Confucianism you get involved in politics. Followers of Confucianism have a great need for education. They also have a great respect for there ancestors, parents, elders, and country(filial piety).

Interesting Facts!

Confucius lived from 551-479BCE

Followers also believe in humanism


Judaism originated in the middle east by the Hebrew people of the fertile crescent. There holy book is the Torah(first book of the old testament). Jews were the first to believe in one god(monotheism). They also believe that one day god will send a messiah to them someday. Jews try to follow gods laws(the ten commandants)so the messiah will come.

interesting facts!

Jews are also called the children off Israel

42% of Jews live in Israel


Christianity originated in the middle east, its holy book is the bible(old and new testament). Christians believe in one god and that Jesus Christ is the son of god and he is a messiah. People who spread Christianity where the disciples of Jesus Christ. Christians tend to live a good moral life style so god will send Jesus back to earth as a messiah.

Interesting facts!

Christianity is the largest religion in the world

There is 2.2 billion Christians in the world


Islam originated in the Arabian city of Mecca by the Prophet Muhammad. There holy book is the Qur'an. They believe in one god named Allah and follow all things above everything else. Mohammad is the Messiah who spread the word of god. Islamic laws are so important that they often become politic laws in many Muslim nations.

interesting facts!

Islam is the second largest religion

it is the worlds fastest growing religion

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