What does it mean to be a Latino

Latinos being marginalized

Latinos are being seen and called as illegal aileens. When did this all began? It all began in 2009 when the Mexican economy was in crisis and mexicans needed to find a way to get a job and support their family. Since 2010 the Latino orgin has become the second in population in the United States. So is it an accident or purposely done to keep Latinos absent? Can it really be an accident to keep absent the second largest population ethnicity in our media? I think not, but why is this? The reason for this is for the way people see Latinos or the stereotype they have on them. People think listening to a certain type of music and having their parents speak Spanish make them and a Latino. Studies have shown that latinos are grossly represented. It is a disgrace to know that woman who crossed the border and drop their babies are granted citizenship meaning even if your baby makes it across the border with you and goes through all of that the mother won't be granted a citizenship of the United States. It is also shown that Latinos are good night to share their own story and the social media, for example Latinos are absent and national TV when if we go back to World War II Latinos won more medal of honor then any other ethnicity. We also see that latinos have been played to be aggressive, violent, and drunks on movies. When and reality are they all like? No they're not. We see Latinos make it to be someone big in life. We have professional boxer been Latinos also athletes, presidents, owners of big companies, reporters and are also hard working people. One big piece to all of this is how the media presents Latinos  to us. Being put in jail, being part of a big cartel organization or being shot or killed. They present them as criminals to us which sends this stereotype to all viewers making us think of them like that. Latinos are offended by the way white actors portray them in the media. They either over exaggerate how A Latino is or under estimate the power of a Latino. They either try to hard to get on the Latino asset or don't try hard enough and make them look inferior compared to our other ethnicities.

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