The Incas

     After the Moche civilization fell in the 8th century. 300 years later a new empire rises called the Chimor which controlled the area for 4 centuries. Than the Incas came in to invade the Chimor and claim the land for themselves. After the battle, the Incas nearly destroyed the area. This battle made the Incas a spectacular empire.

This is the the territory of the Incas conquered 1200-1527.You can you tell that most of the Incas lived on the Andes Mountains.

The Incas were amazing builders because they were able to build and live on the Andes Mountains. They would design their buildings like if they were part of the terrain. The Incas choice of where to live was a great idea because no resources are bing wasted for walls. Instead, the mountains are the walls to the Incas. Also, of course, the plaza was in the central of the cites and so would be the temples.

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OK enough with the references. The Incas would normally eat potatoes and corn which both grew really great in high altitudes. For drinking they would drink llama milk and water. But the bad news was that there was no protein or protein shakes so they had to eat guinea pigs ( oh the horror THE HORROR ) for a daily dose of protein.

Now the warriors had colorful clothing and as you can see from the cartoon photo that the warriors only defense was the shield. For attacks they would use spears, axes, and the famous bow and arrow. They were very well trained and would attack in groups and never alone. But part of the army was a somewhat a marching band in the middle of the army itself. It would contain drums, flutes, and of course trumpets.

The Incas would believe in an unusual religion. They would think that each mountain peak was either a god or goddess or a home to the gods or goddess. even more weirder is that they also believe that little statues also meant that there were tiny gods lurking around their home. they would do festivals at least once a day 1to praise the gods or goddess.

As you can see that how the Incas kept track of time by using a very similar method as the mayans. They would track the sun and the moon until they can create a calendar. It was very surprising to learn that the Incas used a clock. With a right triangle in the middle and the shade of the sun would tell the time on the plate or clock.

The way that the Incas would tell stories is by doing a show or during a festival because the stories were mostly about their religion. The Incas didn't know ho to write but instead recorded stories by pictures not by writing. One of the story is that the sun and moon god would always put the Incas in the center of the world. Which means that the Incas thought they were the center in the world.

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