Ned Kelly-the cold blooded killer

by Alysha Tran

Ned Kelly is a vicious criminal

Many people have different views on Ned Kelly, some people think he’s a hero, some people think he’s a victim, but I believe he is neither. I believe he is a vicious criminal
for the following reasons. He was always in trouble even from a young age and
claimed that he stole over 280 horses as a boy. You may think that his family
was an influence on his unacceptable behaviour, but I am adamant that isn’t the
case. Ned Kelly is an outlaw, a convicted police killer and a stealer. What
kind of hero is a killer?

Ned Kelly was always in trouble even from a young age. He even claimed himself that he stole over 280 horses as a boy. For example, when Ned was fourteen he was charged with the assault and robbery of Ah Fook, a pig and fowl trader. Ned approached this innocent man and told him that if he did not hand over his money he would kill him. So Ned took him into the bush and beat him with a bamboo stick and stole ten shillings. You would have to agree with me that this is an example of
complete disrespect towards a vulnerable man. Therefore you must agree with me
that Ned Kelly is a vicious criminal even from a young age.

You might think Ned Kelly was just influenced by his family for his atrocious behavior, but no, that is definitely not the case. Ned’s father, Red Kelly was charged for killing and skinning a calf which claimed to be property of their neighbor. His father was charged to six months of hard labor. This had a fatal attack on his health, causing him to die shortly after his release. Many people believe that this had a strong impression on Ned, but I do not believe this is an excuse for his appalling behavior. Ned should’ve learnt a very important lesson after losing his father at such a young age. He should’ve learnt not to follow his father’s steps, otherwise his life could’ve ended up resulting like his father’s. His family in any way absolutely couldn’t have influenced him. Ned is in charge of his own self and he chose to follow
his father. It was in his power to change things around and not to be dangered
by the police. That is one of the reasons why I believe Ned Kelly is a criminal
in his own way.

Ned Kelly is an outlaw, a bushranger, a convicted police killer, a stealer and was wanted by police. He killed many policemen, for example the Killings at Stringybark Creek. He took the lives of three great policemen. Ned killed Constable Scanlan, Constable Lonigan and Sergeant Michael Kennedy. They were only trying to help protect the many people who could be in danger of the Kelly Gang. He also murdered and wounded many other people during his short life. Along with murdering innocent people he has stolen from many people like the time when he robbed Mr M’Bean with bushranger Harry Power. The police even offered £8000 for the capture of the Kelly Gang for robbery and murder. If the police offered £8000 then Ned Kelly must’ve been a criminal. Of course an intelligent person like you would believe that Ned Kelly is a vicious criminal.

Surely you must agree with me that Ned Kelly is a vicious criminal. Ned has always been in trouble even from a young age. When he was only fourteen he was charged of the assault and robbery of Ah Fook. You may think that he was influenced by his family for his behavior and treatment of people, but that is definitely not true. Obviously the death of his dad was meant to be a lesson to be learnt. Lastly he took the valuable lives of many good people including many policemen, he was also a cattle stealer and a thief. So how on earth could this cold blooded killer be a hero?

Factual recount

The police heard that the Kelly’s were hiding in the Wombat Ranges, so on Friday 25th October 1878 two search parties went to look for them. The Mansfield Party and
Sergeant Kennedy set up camp at Stringybark Creek.

While Kennedy and Scanlan went down to the creek to explore Mclntyre and Lonigan suddenly heard,” bail up throw up your arms!” They then looked up to find four armed men. Mclntyre was unarmed so he put his hands up. Lonigan moved less than two steps before Ned shot him in the temple, he then died within a few seconds.

A bit later on Kennedy and Scanlan rode into the camp and Ned shouted,” put your hands up!” Scanlan tried to make it for a tree but was shot down.

Mclntyre found out that the men wanted to shoot his entire group, so he dashed down the creek on Kennedy’s horse. Several shots were fired but none reached him. He rode to John McColl’s Place, where he took a farmers buggy to the police camp. Mclntrye reported everything to Sub-Inspector Pewtress.

They then set out with seven or eight townspeople to set out for the camp. They found the bodies of Lonigan and Scanlan but searched for the sergeant, but found no sign of him. Sergeant Kennedy was then found by H.G.Sparrow.


Dan and I knew that we couldn’t have convinced the police of our story, so we went into hiding. We were later joined by our friends, Joe Byrne and Steve Hart. During
one morning I heard two shots fired. I knew what this meant, somebody had to be

I wasn’t afraid to confront whoever was there, even if they were policemen. In my mind I thought, “I’ve clashed with policemen before, of course I can handle them.” All of us then tried to follow the sound of the gunshots.

Sometime around the evening we found the policemen’s camp. There were two of them at a fire making tea. I noticed that they didn’t have their guns with them which made them an easy target.

We then went up to them and then I said, “Bail up throw up your arms!” One of them foolish policemen decided to make it for a tree, but I shot him in the temple and he
died within a few seconds. Surprisingly the other one did put his hands up, we
then searched him down to find that he was actually unarmed. We then took both
of their revolvers.

I then started talking to the other policemen and he mentioned something about two other men. While I was talking to this policeman I was thinking in head, “We must shoot this one down sooner or later, but I didn’t want him to think that we were going to kill him.” I wanted to get rid of all four of them and so far we had only
killed one. We made a deal with the policemen to help us kill these other two

We then hid, some behind logs, one in the tent and we made the policemen sit on the log. We heard the two policemen ride into the camp and the policemen that sat on the log said, “Sergeant I think you better dismount and surrender as you are
surrounded. At the same time I shouted, “Put your hands up!” One of the
constables ran for a tree but we shot him down.

All of a sudden the policemen that we made a deal with hopped on the sergeant’s horse and rode off. We tried to several times shoot him but none of them reached him. This couldn’t be good because he would probably go and report this to the police and then the police would want to catch us even more.

There was still the sergeant left so we shot him and hid him in a spot where hopefully no one would find him. We took away everything or destroyed them and burnt down the tent. Just before we left fired three more shots into one of the policemen’s
bodies. If only we could’ve killed that other one, maybe Dan was right, maybe
we should’ve handcuffed him and then shot him.


We recently just heard that the Kelly’s were in the Wombat Ranges so we sent out two search parties. I was part of the Mansfield party, which consisted of Constable
Lonigan, Constable Scanlan, and Sergeant Kennedy. We set up camp at Stringybark

Picture is of Constable Lonigan, Sergeant Kennedy and Constable Scanlan

Scanlan and Kennedy then set off to the creek to explore. I got really nervous when Kennedy and Scanlan left because I was only left with Lonigan for protection, not that he was bad or anything. I was on cooking duty so I had to stay near the camp.
During the day I was thinking in my head,” what if the Kelly’s just suddenly
came? Then what would we do?” I was trying hard not to think about while
Kennedy and Scanlan were away.

It was near the end of the day and I was at the fire making tea with Lonigan we suddenly heard,” bail up throw up your arms!” We then looked up and saw four armed men. It was the one and only Kelly gang they all carried guns and Ned had two rifles. I was terrified, “this could be the end of me,” I thought in my head. I put my hands up because I was unarmed and they probably would’ve shot me if I moved. Before my poor friend Lonigan could move two steps Ned shot him right in the temple. Right at that moment I felt heart broken, a poor innocent policemen, a friend and a good person was just shot down right in front of my eyes. There was nothing I could do now he was already shot. All I could do was hope that I wasn’t going to lose my life anytime soon.

Afterwards it was just me and the Kelly Gang, I was pretty anxious since I was talking to the most wanted criminals in the area! He told me that if I was to be let go I would
have to leave the police, but of course I wasn’t going to do that. I just tried
to keep calm while trying to play along like I wanted to help them. I knew that
they would shoot me if I tried to do anything they didn’t like. I went along to
help them with their plan, for all my life was at stake here.

Ned shouted, “Put your hands up,” as I said, “sergeant I think you better dismount and surrender as you’re surrounded.” Scanlan then tried to make it for a tree but was shot down. Another person shot down, I guess this really wasn’t my finest day. I
felt really bad, but I couldn’t do anything otherwise I would be shot down too.

I soon found out that the gang wanted to shoot all of us down, so I dashed down
the creek on Kennedy’s horse. Several shots were fired in my direction, but
luckily none of them reached me.

I reached John McColl’s place where I took a farmer’s buggy to the police camp. I reported everything to Sub-Inspector Pewtress and we set out for the camp with about seven or eight townspeople. We found the bodies of Lonigan and Scanlan but we searched during daylight for the sergeant, but we found no sign of him. The
sergeant’s body was finally found by H.G.Sparrow. How I wish I could’ve saved
the lives of those people, seeing them been shot in front of my eyes heart

Map-arrow pointing to where Stringybark Creek is

The Bushwackers-Stringybark Creek

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