Howard's English period 4

Cienna with the dark black gorilla hair,

Cienna of the spaced out teeth,

Cienna whose eyes everybody loves,

Is a girl who everybody hates on,

Runs down the court,

Shoots the ball often,

Dribbles down the court,

Laughes at the girls,

Smiles at the coach.

Cienna fast walked to her classes,

Walker to the tardy table,

Slept in history class,

because she was very tired from staying up late.

Cienna inside that dark house,

Inside the pretty clear sky blue shirt,

Inside those very small shoes

Is a girl like no other,

dodges tyhe dodge ball,

picks it up and thinks who i want to hit,

throws it and gets someone out,

starts jumping up and down cause she helped her team win,

yelled at the other kids for getting mad.

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