"The scourge of the night"

The Nightmare-Mongrel was born to instill fear in the minds of people. Considered a legend by many, the Nightmare-Mongrel is one of the most terrifying beasts there is. Many people do not believe in it, simply because the people that have seen it rarely walk away with their lives.


With a smile like that, how scary can it really be? Well the smile is one of the worst parts of it. The Nightmare-Mongrel stays absolutely still when spotted, flashing that evil grin without a blink of its soulless eyes. The second you lose sight of the beast, you're dead faster than you can find it again. The beast is extremely agile and will break its pose the second its prey can no longer see it. Spotting the Nightmare-Mongrel is the most terrifying experiences there is. People claim to have seen its soulless eyes glowing in the dark outside their windows, waiting for them to fall asleep.

The Nightmare-Mongrel is said to be the Devil's worker, the living manifestation of people's nightmares, who takes unfortunate souls to hell. It is assumed to have intelligence and can read the intentions of its targets. It remains alive to this day because many of the search parties have never encountered it. The Nightmare-Mongrel only preys upon the unsuspecting and fearful, while avoiding any confrontation with multiple foes.

How Do We Know All Of This?

Few survivors have managed to outlast the beast and escape with their lives. The best method to survive with the best is to never take your eyes off of it. It will not attack if eye contact is held, but a step in the wrong direction will result in one of two endings, dinner or dragged to hell. The only way people have survived is to not break eye contact with the beast and stay perfectly still while awaiting rescue. If another person shows up, the beast will retreat. However, most survivors had to wait hours before being rescued and have gone insane having the image of the Nightmare-Mongrel's eyes burned into their heads. No known method to kill the Nightmare-Mongrel has surfaced due to the fact it has never been researched and all of the information has come from eyewitness accounts and folklore.


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