Adolf hitler

A. He was located in Berlin

B.and Berlin is located in Germany

C.and his flag looks like this

2.He raised to power because he was a ww1 hero and he was a brilliant speaker and promised alot of stuff so they elected him then he brought the Nazi power to order then started to take over

3.He supported and used dictatorship because he was the only leader and he decided on every thing they did not have elections or votes Germany Hitler transformed his democratic position into dictatorial power.

4. full employment that means every body had a job and by 1939 there was no unemployment in Germany and there was a unsuccessful atment at making Germany self sufficient the beauty of work was where Hitler tried to make the German people see that work was good and every one who can work should

5. he wanted to revise the treaty of verise and unite all of the German speakers to one country to make a nicer and bigger Germany and wanted to have space to be independent he waanted to take over countries because of there oil and resources but he wanted poland because it split the 2 countries and it had German speaking people  and Australasia because it would make Germany strong had 8 million German speaking people and he was from there

6.Hitler knew he was about to die so him and his wife burrowed into an air raid shelter near his home then him and his wife who he married 2 days before and there dog took a posin pill to kill there self but hitler shot him self in the head on april 30 1945 as his 1000 year old reich collapses on his head

7. Hitler is most known for the Holocaust where he mass murdered 6 million Jews and some of other groups as in gypieys and homosexuals Hitler said that Jews where an fierier race and a alien threat to Germans racial purity and communtiy

8.he was so influential because he was a powerful man tried to have a whole race killed off because he just didn't like them and he runes a strong milaraty and had some good plans for his country he is a very brilliant speaker and very crasmaterick

these are the sites where i got my fact


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