Francis Bacon

Nathan Svihel

Born: 22 January 1561 Famous Quotes: "Knowledge is power"

Died: 9 April 1626 (age 65) "To be ignorant of causes is to be frustrated in action"

Lived: London

Family Members:

He was engaged in courtship of Elizabeth Hatton (20) who left him for a weathier man. He then married a girl named Alice Barnham (14).

Physical Appearance:

He had long brown hair, bushy beard, wore top hats, pale, and was well dressed.


Unattractive personality. He was cold and arrogant, calculating, and ambitious. He was also so determined in his studies that he didn't have time for people.

Class and Social Background:

His education included Trinity College Cambridge, University of Cambridge, University of Poitiers. He is an English philosopher, statesmen, scientist, lawyer, jurist, author, and planer of the scientific method.


He developed the scientific method and established scientific worldview. Contributed on the emphasis on and application of induction. Emphasized the benevolence of scientific understanding.

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