by Tyson knuuttila

hi my name is Tyson and I am working on a project called fear laith mor a mythical creature said to be founded at the top of a mountain called ben macdui in Scotland while climbing the mountain is a risk it has various sights to see but some might be your last because that laith mor could be lurking behind you and when your over the ledge you might get shoved off by laith mor. INFO hight: 10 feet age: unknown fear factor: 68% casualty's going up the mountain: 35       also play the song RAC - sonic 2 - chemical plant zone (RAC MIX)

here is the location of the mountain

why go to the mountain . when you might die!!!

this photo is not high resolution but I think that is a laith mor the mythical creature I was talking about

this is scotland the country where the mountain ben macdui

here is where Scotland is.

It has been described as an extremely tall figure covered with short hair, or as an unseen presence that causes uneasy feelings in people who climb the mountain Evidence of the existence of this creature is limited to various sightings and a few photographs of unusual footprints.

It is traditionally seen as a supernatural being, but Am Fear Liath Mòr has been compared to the Yeti of the Himalaya and the Sasquatch or Bigfoot of north america.

In 1925, the noted climber j.norman collie recounted a terrifying experience he had endured while alone near the summit of Ben MacDhui some 35 years before. "I began to think I heard something else than merely the noise of my own footsteps. For every few steps I took I heard a crunch, and then another crunch as if someone was walking after me but taking steps three or four times the length of my own."[1] Collie was unable to make out the source of the noises because of mist, and continued "... [as] the eerie crunch, crunch, sounded behind me, I was seized with terror and took to my heels, staggering blindly among the boulders for four or five miles." Other climbers have also reported similar experiences, many describing uncontrollable feelings of fear and panic, some actually seeing a huge grey figure behind them, and others only hearing sounds or even succumbing to inexplicable feelings of terror while in the area.


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