How Do Thunderstorms Form?

Thunderstorms form from cumulus clouds.(cumulus clouds are puffy clouds that are low in the sky. They form when a mass of air and ground that are heated by the sun mix and rise. They rise because the air has been heated. High up in the atmosphere they cool down which causes them to lower.)

The thunderstorms form in strong cold fronts (a front bringing in a cold air mass)and a low pressure system (a mass of warm, moist air that generally brings stormy weather). Precipitation (something that falls from the sky. For example, rain, sleet, snow, etc.) comes with thunderstorms too. It is common that it is rain.

How Does Lightning Form?

Lightning forms when lots of small bits of ice collide and cause an electric charge. Soon the cloud may be filled with these charges and there may be enough to push out and cause lightning.

How Does Thunder Form?

Thunder forms from lightning. When the lightning comes, the cloud opens a little bit. When the lightning is over, the opening closes causing a sound wave which is called thunder.

What Are The Temperatures In A Thunderstorm?

During winter, the thunderstorm's temperature usually ranges from 60*F to 30*F. In summer and spring, the thunderstorm's temperature usually ranges from 90*F to 50*F.

Historical Events

  • In 1905, the Mataafa Storm hit the Great Lakes. It caused 36 seaman to die. $3.567 million dollars were lost. The storm caused people to build Split Rock Lighthouse.
  • In 2004, Tropical Storm Bonnie hit Florida. Several rivers flooded. It caused 3 people to die. Over $1 million were lost.

What Do We Do Against Thunderstorms Today?

  • Today we are to go indoors during a thunderstorm
  • If you can't get into a shelter, do not go into water
  • If it is possible, go into a vehicle
  • Stay low, especially if you can't get into a shelter
  • Try to keep as many electrical objects off
  • Stay indoors for at least 30 minutes after all the thunder ends

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