Enthusiastic Leadership

It is important to have enthusiastic leaders in the marine corps in order to motivate the forces to do their job (which risks lives). With enthusiasm, the leaders remind everyone of the importance of each task.

The lyrics of this song describe an enthusiastic leader because the speaker tells the "fallen people" that there is "light on the other side" and encourages them to keep going.

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, is an excited and energetic leader despite being demanding and because of this, thousands of people want to work for him. He genuinely believes that his company will be "earth's biggest seller of everything".

However under-qualified Michael Scott (The Office) may seem for his position as a boss, his enthusiasm is what keeps the workplace interesting and his workers more productive.

This quote emphasizes the importance of leaders showing people their enthusiasm.

An enthusiastic leader is one who motivates his/her people to want to perform whatever task they are given. They take a positive outlook on every situation in order for people to follow them.

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