Twin Peaks Trivia Ride

June 25th, 6:30pm, No. 2 Canyon Closed Gate

Please join us for the third edition of the Uphill Dash, Mountain Bike Style. This is a somewhat, mildly-competitive, fun event. This time it will be a trivia ride. Here's some info:

Who: anyone with a mountain or cyclocross bike can participate, all ages and skill levels welcome

What: a trivia ride with prizes ranging from non-existent to not-even-thought-of (immortality and infamousity included)

Where: meet @ the closed gate at the base of Stairway to Heaven, READY to ride at 6:30pm

When: Wednesday, June 25th, dash STARTS at 6:30pm and ends around 7:30pm so get there early so we can form teams; potluck to follow; BYOB

Why: cuz riding bikes with friends is fun, and trivia is fun too.  it's brain vs brawn.

More Deets: this is designed to be a fun event for riders of all ability levels and ages. although there is a modicum of competition associated with it, the main goal is to meet new riders and have fun. we will meet at the trailhead and sort out teams.  if you have a partner already then you're set.  if we need to pair up we'll take care of that too.

Each rider gets two Trivial Pursuit cards with six questions on each card. At intervals that you select you will ask your partner the questions on your card.

Throughout the ride each group has to stop 11 times and ask ask each other the 11 trivia questions in order. You can stop wherever and whenever you like.

If both riders answer the question correctly you get to keep riding.

If either of you misses the question you earn a time penalty based on the number of the question you’re on (you can only be penalized once per stop, so if the first rider misses the question there’s no need to ask the second rider his/her question)

First 5 questions = one minute penalty each

Second 3 questions = two minute penalty each

Third 3 questions = three minute penalty each

Bonus Question - Each rider gets a bonus question that is double or nothing. If you miss a question you can choose to try the Bonus Question. Your partner asks you the next question on your card and if you get it right it wipes out your wrong answer. If you miss it you double your time penalty.

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