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Sam C.

Plastic was first invented in 1907 by a man named Leo Hendrik Baekeland. Leo lived in New York at the time. Plastics are used in everyday items like cups, computers, etc. Plastics are often used for portable items. Some positive effects plastic had on Americans was that the material was highly durable and plastic was much more lightweight than other types of metals. A big advantage plastic has is it can be recycled compared to other materials. Although plastic may seem like it had a lot of positive effects it also had negative effects. For example plastic can't really tolerate high temperatures. Plastic had a big influence on packaging. It made it much easier to wrap items and protect them. Plastic works by mixing chemicals to create a solution that can be easily formed into any shape. To make plastic you have to start out with raw materials like Ethylene and Propylene. Today’s version of plastic is the 3-D printer. It can use different materials to make objects like plastic. You could make concepts or prototypes with a 3-D printer. Plastic had a huge effect on conflict between the northern and southern states because of how important the usage of this item was. Once plastic was created many people wanted to get this product. And since the north had lots of assembly lines the south might not of had that opportunity to use this advance in industrialism.

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