Ashley Perry
American History 1
4th period

Uncle Tom Cabin


Uncle Tom: main character, servant snd manages masters plantation, Emily Shelby: loving christian woman, Eliza Harris: ran away with her son Harrry Harris, George Harris: Eliza husband, Eva: believed in Topsy, didn't like slavery, The Quakers: rescued Eliza, and Topsy: wild; abused child, no mother


The Villains were very self-centered and needy, Tom Looker: slave hunter, Mr. Haley: buys Tom; very violent man, and Simon Legred: slapped Tom

Redeemable Characteristics

Aunt Chloe, Arthur Shelby: owner of Tom, slave owner in Kentucky, George Shelby: young man; good-based man, Mrs. Ophelia: took care of Topsy; didn't like slavery

8 horrors of slavery

  1. The slave auction because people where ripped form there family and people they love
  2. Slaves were beaten and it gave them low qualities like self respect for themselves
  3. Sexual abused (women, children)
  4. No medical help/ attention
  5. No breaks from work
  6. No schooling and education
  7. No money to buy anything and if you have money its called stealing
  8. No church/ having the right to believe in God

How did the movie effect me

This movie effected me because it shows how the world  would be today if it wasn't for specific brave people(slaves). The author chose to use specific things like getting sold in an auction and how family's were moved and separated and not treated like people but treated like a piece of nothing. Also how Uncle Tom was hung on a cross and he paid for standing up and protecting the fellow slaves when he didn't do anything wrong but if it was wrong to the master then he was killed and beat to death. This movie shows how the struggle was hard and how far we come and to appreciate the things you have and don't take them for granted because Uncle Tom and Martin luther King didn't die of nothing they died to provide hope of a change in the world.


I think yes because before this book abolitionism was not popular in the North and Uncle Tom Cabin challenged people views and made two main points the very devastating removal of Uncle Tom from his family and sold to someone in the South.Also after the news that the master sold her son she ran away with her son Harry to protect him and not separate from her son. This novel had heated people and the North was ready to elect someone that hated slavery and the South was ready to die for an institution. i think the war would still happened and the book made more people concern about the injustice and wrongness of slavery and the war was not originally intended to end slavery but mad to prevent southern states from seceding from the union and even though the concern about slavery did not depend on a single book but the injustice sill existed and still would have been recognized without the book. I think the pen is mightier than the sword because more effect can be influence by writing and not by fighting because fighting hurts both sides but the pen can keep going and not hurting anyone to help compromise and come to and agreement.

Are we still dreaming

Yes, i think people are still dreaming. Because there is still not equality in this world for some things. i do feel there needs to be a change in some things but i don't believe its about racism but people holding on to the past and trying to relate the present.To make a peaceful society i feel that both sides and all races have to put in effort.I understand slavery was a bad and horrible thing in history but i feel like African Americans  try to make every situation about race when it doesn't have to be or need to be. I feel that they know there older family members that used to be in slavery and that they still think every white person is racist because thats what they where taught. I just think in order to change you have to want to change and i think they don't wont to change but make white people pay for slavery when the white people alive right now had nothing to do with it people change but things are never forgotten.

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