Does Makeup Hurt Self Esteem?

Rebecca Duenas
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Makeup is an issue to many women. They all have different views which are usually along the lines of "makeup is a must for all women" and "women shouldn't bother wearing makeup." However, these views vary depending on how women see themselves. This leads to the question, does makeup damage woman's self-esteem, or elevate it?

Structual Functional: The purpose of makeup is help enhance the beauty you already have. Another reason of it is to help the less fortunate become more attractive. In other words, it was created to help women take their naturally beautiful face and make it even better.

Social Conflict: Attractiveness is an important factor in interaction, although we choose not to admit it. Makeup helps with inequality because people are more likely to stop and listen to a a beautiful person rather than a less attractive one. Women who don't wear makeup can be mistreated in the work place. In fact, some women are not hired simply do to their lack of societal beauty. One woman was fired from her job for refusing to fix herself up during working hours. Another sad truth is it was proven that women who wore makeup thought to be more attractive and trustworthy than those who did not choose to wear it.

Symbolic Interaction: Cleopatra has had an effect on certain women because she was an empowered woman who was known for her dramatic makeup. Certain individuals also believe makeup helps a woman's self esteem because it allows her to present herself in any way she wishes. One lady in particular says that she is completely confident in her looks, but a light touch of makeup does help boost the confidence she already has.

Vocab Words: There is an ideal type that every woman tries to fit. To help achieve that, makeup was invented. Makeup is the symbol of beauty. Its manifest function is to allow women to enhance their natural features and fix small flaws. However, this came with a latent function which was people expecting women to go above an beyond to create a look that had no trace of their natural self. Although most women understand the importance of makeup, most men must use verstehen to begin to understand.

Personal Reaction: It is amazing how makeup can be such a big topic in today's society. Makeup plays a major role in most females lives. It helps their self esteem. Whether they are insecure or fully confident, makeup allows women to achieve the look they desire. Looking in the mirror and seeing a beautiful girl that you can still make out as yourself, boosts your confidence. Therefore, makeup doesn't destroy ones confidence, but rather improves it.

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2 years ago

I like makeup, I always think I'm ugly even with it on! LOL! 😄 Great tackk!

10 months ago

im ugly both ways depending on the day, sometimes i feel fat and ugly some times i feel thick and beautiful