Nowadays, our world is full of different stresses and depressions. And the reason of it, is the pressure in people's jobs, families, and even traffic. Our live is full of movement which means waste of energy, especially if you live in megalopolises. Everyone and everything is hurrying, and even our lives themselves are hurrying, and sometimes we look back to our lives and understand, that we didn't enjoy it, because we were chasing something, that we thought was important, but it wasn't the truth.Sometimes we even don't have time to do something for our pleasure or just relax and don't do anything. And all this accumulates and one day explodes, and you feel out of energy and mood, and you are not able to do anything anymore. This is called stress or depression. Almost all the people try to relieve their stress and they find different ways of doing it, which can be either efficient or not. And now I want to introduce all the ways of relieveing stress which I know, and to tell which method I choose for myself.

The most famous and expensive way is having a personal psychologist. It is half an efficient method even if your psychologist is a good specialist and understands what disturbs or worries you. But in some cases it doesn't help even when your psychologists is a great expert, becuase people don't want to do anything on their own and to help themselves, and they completely depend on other people. They don't want to take the responsibility of their lives, and don't understand that the problem isn't real, that it is an illusion, which they create by themselves. And the solution of the problem is to change their attitude towards their life and the world. People think that the specialist would tell them, that there is no problem, but why should the same psychologists say that if every visist of their patients costs a lot of money, and it is the way that they earn it and make a fortune. Of course they would like to keep their patients so long as they can.

The other way is alcohol and drugs. But it is the worst way. I can even say that it is not a way to overcome stress, it is just a way to escape all the problems for some time. After the affection passes, they want to drink or use drugs again, to live ''in their own perfect world'' a little more. As a result, they become addicted to alcohol or drugs, and sooner or later, it killes them.🚬💉

Some people commit suicides, but I even don't want to talk about it becuase it is the most stupid thing to do-to give up fighting for your precious life.🔫

There are also many kinds of relieving stresses, like shopping,or getting fat by eating all the sweetnesses in your home🍩🍰

As for me, I think stresses and depresion is a side effect of our bad thoughts, and that we can easily overcome them. If your thoughts are negative, what you have to do is just filling them with something positive. When I have a stress or some problems, I don't seat all alone in my room thinking aboout how awful is my life and so on. I try not to think about it and I watch comedies, or jut funny viedoes in the Internet, I meet my friends and have fun, read some books or just remember the greatest time in my life, when I was absolutely happy, and all the funny moments which happened to me. It rises my mood, and I instantly forget about the problems and my stress.

I think that it is the best way of relieving stress. God creates us similar to himself, which means that we are powerful enough to change the bad things in our thoughts or organizm. And  as my lovely Charlie from my more lovely book ''The Perks even if we don't have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. And I hope that all the people will relieve their stress by changing themselves and their attitude to eveything.