Percent Of Change Of The United States Population

How much has the United States population changed from 1900 to 2014?

Population Change Data:

1900 population: 76, 212, 168 people
2014 population: 314,000,000 people

In order to find the percent of change, we will need to start with the highest data value and divide it by the original value. One we have done that, we will need to multiply that by 100 and we have our percent of change!

This is the equation that I solved in my notebook!

In the end, I found that the percent of change was an increase. My final answer was an increase of 312 percent. I was not really surprised by this. The reason why I was not surprised by this was because I already knew that the population in the United States continued and is continuing to grow due to many things such as people moving to the United States from other countries, more and more child births and more.

Some of the sources I used:

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