The Rider

By: Jasmine Pelletier

"One dragon, one journey, and one hero."  

I can connect with this book because I love to read and watch anything with fantasy and action in it. this book was filled with battle and magic scenes!  it was a great read that kept me on the edge of my seat!  Also, the book reminded me of the lord of the Rings Trilogy, the hobbit, and the Harry Potter series.  Each book has action and magic in them, which makes for an interesting story.  two things I really liked about my book is first, how they gave the dragon riders magic to help defend themselves in battle and second, I like how two women (Angela and Arya), got the job to protect Eragon.  This shows how strong  and brave women can be.  For example, at the end of the book, Eragon got injured in battle and Angela helped save and protect him with the use of her magic, herbs and potions.  Also, Arya was a warrior  who fought bravely against the urgals alongside Orik (the Dwarf) and Murtagh (The Man) to protect Eragon and Saphira.

I thought, at first, that the book was boring because it was slow to start off and dragged on in the beginning, but then again what book isn't.  I realized that the beginning of the book was necessary to help introduce all the characters and their backgrounds.  then, toward the middle of the book, it became more interesting and there was more adventure and mystery.  It was interesting to follow along Eragon's journey while he learned how to be a dragon rider and warrior.  I would suggest this book to a friend if they like action and fantasy books.  for example, if they are interested in things like the lord of the rings with different fantasy characters such as Dwarves, elves, dragons, and evil kings, then I think they would love this book.  if they are more into books like the fault in ours stars or if I stay (not saying that these are bad books because they are actually amazing books), then this book would not be a good recommendation for them.  BUt I do believe everyone should give it a try, they may be surprised with how they feel after they read this book.

Extra credit:
1.)  "Atra gulia un ilian tauthr ono un atra ono waise skolir fra rauthr."  page 428
in English this quote means, "Let luck and happiness follow you and may you be shielded from misfortune."  I can relate to this quote because when I was with my mom we were not living a very healthy life but then my aunt came and got my sister and I.  We were blessed with a second chance,  and my aunt and uncle will help us become successful and will always protect us from misfortune.  
2.)  "the cripple who is whole."  page 493
the reason I like this quote is because to me it is saying that people may be crippled or hurt, but inside they are whole as can be with hope, love and strength.  A person can be physically, mentally or emotionally crippled/hurt, but that does not mean they can't be a warrior in life.  
3.)  "think of what you have done and rejoice, for you have rid the land of great evil." page 497
I cannot relate to this quote because I have not done anything to this world to free it of evil.  but I like the way it is said.  In this world, there is so much evil that it is too hard to free it from all evil but the MEN AND WOMEN THAT Serve OUR COUNTRY TRY THEIR BEST TO FREE US.  YES, MANY WILL AND HAVE DIED trying to do THIS, BUT IN THE END IT we must rejoice and celebrate BECAUSE WE ARE FREE AND PROTECTED BECAUSE OF THEM.

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