1/27/15 Agree to Disagree

1. I only agree that being loyal to your family is important because sometimes you can't always be on your family's side. In my opinion, you don't have to be loyal to your family if you don't always have to agree with something they do. If they don't believe in gay rights and you do, then you wouldn't have to be on their side with what they say about gay people.

2. I strongly agree that law of Gods/tradition are more important than laws made by a government. Laws of Gods are laws that you would believe in because you believe that certain God/tradition. Laws made by the government are mandatory and if you break that law you'll get punished.

3. I agree that our lives are fated to play out a certain way. I like to say that everything happens for a reason. If something doesn't go your way you shouldn't be mad about it only because it's for the better. You're meant to be at a certain place and time for a certain reason. You probably don't know the reason but sometimes it's just how it goes. On 9/11 an aunt of one of my friends was late to work at the Twin Towers. She was stuck in traffic, she's still alive today because of the traffic. If the highways were to be cleared then she probably would've died. Everything happens for a reason fam.

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3 years ago

Your first and third paragraphs have strong specific examples; the second paragraph needs greater development. Overall, good work!