Handy Man

by: Jackson Green

Homo Habilis


This hominid looked like an ape. He walked on two feet. He was very human like. He was hairy. They worked together to protect themselves against animal attacks.


They collected food over large areas of land. They used bones for digging, rocks for throwing, and stone for cutting. they ate any animals they could find. Cutting tools allowed hominids to tear meat off of animals. Crushing tools helped then crack bones. Bones for digging animal traps.

special capabilities

They used sharp stones to cut there meat that could not be pulled with there hands.They also used bones for digging sticks. I think the Handy Man hominids were named Handy man because they made tools to help them cope wirh everyday life. They used the stone to cut meat from dead animals . They ate marrow from inside bones. The sharp stones were used to smash bones to get the marrow. Sometimes the Handy Man even made simple traps to catch small animals to eat.

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