Paul's Aquarium

Paul Armitage

The Fish

Kennyi African Cichlid

This omnivorous fish is part of Cichlidae family of fish.  They grow to be about six inches in length.  They are comfortable in temperatures ranging from 72-82°F.  They may become territorial and aggressive towards other Kennyi African cichlids, but are otherwise neutral fish.  Their habitat consists of rocks and driftwood.

Kennyi African Cichlid

Long Fin Red Minor Tetra

This is a small carnivorous fish, with an average length of two inches.  It's a member of the Characidae family.  The tetras are also comfortable in the temperatures of 72-82 degrees Fahrenheit.  Their habitat also consists of rocks and driftwood and plants.

Long Fin Red Minor Tetra

The Tank

The medium tank size holds 46.875 gallons of water.  It's dimensions in inches are 36", 15", and 20".  When these dimensions are multiplied to find the volume, 10,800 cubic inches is found.

The gravel, rising two inches up the tank, has an area of 1080 cubic inches.  This required 15 bags.

The decorations used were the Roman Ruins and the Driftwood.  The Roman Ruins cost $40 while the Driftwood cost $35.

The Total Cost

One Kennyi African Cichlid - $6.89

Seven Long Fin Red Minor Tetras - $27.93 (each costing $3.99)

Medium tank - $225

Medium filter - $70

Heater - $36

Medium light - $50

Fifteen gravel bags - $82.50 (each costing $5.50)

Three Corkscrew Plants - $4.50 (each costing $1.50)

Jungle Pod - $12

Blue Medium - $15

Roman Ruins - $40

Driftwood - $35

TOTAL - $604.82

Fish Equation

1a + 7b

1(6.89) + 7(3.99)

6.89 + 27.93


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