sessions 1-7

session 1 we learned the parts of the NXT. the NXT is a robot that can pick up things, hold things, but mainly move things, and also learning how to turn the NXT on and off.

session 2 we learned how to launch and save our data of making the robot go certain ways you want it to go and moved a ball around with the gripper (hands)

session 3 we learned how to connect cords to the robot so that parts that we want to move can get it's energy from the robot when turned on.

session 4 we had the robot turn on and off the two lamps that was connected to the robot.

session 5 we use the moving sensor so that when something come across the sensor it starts to go towards that direction.

session 6 we use the sound sensor which way we clap that's were the NXT is going to move if u clap in the right eye it's going to move right if you clap in the left eye it's going to move left.

session 7 we had worked with the vibration sensor like a touch sensor.

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