Brighton Beach Memoirs

by:Ashley Perez

        The great depression:

The Great Depression was a world wide economic depression. It was from 1929 to 1932.It was one of the longest depression experience by humanity in the western part of the world.The way it started in the United States was when the stock market crash. About 13 to 15 million American were unemployed and most country's banks failed.It caused farmers to lose their farms.Depression were actually caused by tight monetary policies that the Federal Reserve instituted at that all ended when Franklin D.Roosevelt was elected president. Started a law to end the Great Depression created jobs , and provide unemployment insurance.Some believe that World War 2 ended the great depression.

  Colleges in the 1930's

The college Eugene should go to became a writer is University of Pittsburgh.The mascot was a bobcat.He will pay for the tuition about 400$ including the General Fee,which is little for now but a lot back then. $35 dollars for his book,$520 for room and board, for clothes and miscellaneous about $260. The major different between college back then and now is obviously its cheaper and its not that racist anymore anyone who has the money and have all the requirement can go in college.

To got to college you will have to know how to pay gas, bills, car and etc.One gallon of gas was 10cents,which is nothing now, to buy a car it was only 640 dollars. Sugar cost about 1.25 per pound, dozen of eggs were 18cents. A mattress were $15.38, and  underwear were 49cents.Pork and beans were 5 cents . It was really cheap back then , but like i said it was really expensive for them.

Stan's Apology Letter

Dear Mr. Stroheim,

                I am so sorry for what happen yesterday.I know i did something really bad but i promise you it will never happen again. Please take me back! I am always on time.

          Mr. Stroheim, i believe you should take me back because one like i said i am always on time. Two , i ALWAYS do my work.I always try to come to work. I will always respect you sir.

      I am sorry, for sweeping the dirt on your shoes.But i believe it was the right thing.Now i know that it was wrong thing to do, because you give me the money so i can put food in my family's diner table. I appreciate everything you have done. So, hopefully you accept my apology and take me back.


                                                           Stanley Jerome


Grease (musical)

Grease was one of the best Broadway show. The first Broadway show was February 14,1972 and the last show was Sep. 15, 2013 not that long ago. The tickets cost about $70- $120, which is not a lot for a Broadway show.There is also a movie , which came out on June 16, 1978.

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