Responsibility and Participating in Organizations

Kassadee, Morgan, Bryce, Brooklyn, and Garrett

  • Being responsible means you are both reliable and accountable
  • You can show others that you are responsible by keeping your word.

You can show responsibility by wearing your seat belt or by taking actions in your community.

Home: complete your chores on time, doing your jobs willingly and taking on things around your home.

  Taking risks for your family shows responsibility. -- Try to help others in your family do the right things

School: it's more than going to class and doing your homework!

    Working with staff and students together makes the school year better!

       Ex. -Support school events, got to games, scholar's bowl, meets   - Show school spirit, participate in spirit week. - Protect school property, be careful with the things you use. -Help others having difficulty, help your classmates when they're struggling. - Treat everyone with respect,

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