Geometry All Around Us In The World

By Christian Wachter

Ferry to Gateway Arch, St. Louis, Missouri
Question one

Find "x" in this quadrilateral

Little Rock, Arkansas

Question two

Find "y" in this triangle

Rio de Janerio, Brazil

Question three

Find "x" in this transversal

Moscow, Russia

Question four

Find "x" in this linear pair

Tokyo, Japan

Question five

Find "z" in this triangle

Olympic Stadium, Athens, Greece

Question six

Find "x" in this triangle

Near Cairo Mueseum, Cairo, Egypt

Question seven

Find "x" in this linear pair

Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

Question eight

Find the name of the shape being tessellated in this shape

Madrid, Spain

Question nine

Find the postulate that can prove these two triangles are congruent

The Pentagon, Washington D.C., DC

Question ten

Find an exterior angle of this regular pentagon







#1: 99 Quadrilateral angles = 360°/360-94-87-80=x

#2: 17 triangle angles = 180°/180-112-51=y

#3: 46 transversal alt. int. angles congruent/46 alt. int. = 46

#4: 93 linear pairs = 180°/180-87=93

#5: 122 triangle angles = 180°/180-37-21=122

#6: 8 triangle angles = 180°/180-112-60=8

#7: 96 linear pairs = 180°/180-84=96

#8: hexagon hexagons have six sides/six sided polygon being tessellated=hexagon

#9: AAS AAS = two angles then one side are congruent/two angles+one side=AAS

#10: 72 int. angle of a regular pentagon=108°: +ext. angle=linear pair/180-108=72

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