Cecil Rhodes

Cecil Rhodes was born on July 5, 1853 in England. He was the fifth son of Francis William Rhodes. Cecil Rhodes was a sickly child. Due to his poor health he went to Natal to live with his brother when he was 17 years old. After failing to grow cotton there, together they attempted to make their fortune in the Diamond mines. Cecil in the next 17 years bought up all the smaller diamond mining operating in the Kimberley area. His monopoly of the world's diamond supply was sealed in 1889 through a strategic partnership with the London-based Diamond Syndicate. In 1892, Cecil financed The Pioneer Fruit Growing Company at Nooitgedacht. The successful operation soon expanded into Rhodes Fruit Farms, and formed a cornerstone of the modern-day Cape fruit industry. In 1873 Cecil left Africa to finish his studies in England. Cecil used much of his personal fortune in the field of politics. Cecil was a spokesman for imperial expansion. His most famous ambition was to create a railway along a continuous pink strip of land from the Cape Colony to Cairo. He used his political skills and money to become the premier of the Cape Colony in 1890.The British South Africa Company achieved a Royal Charter in 1889 and proceeded to negotiate and trick its way into the lands of the Mashona, Matabele and beyond, under the wily auspices of his right hand man Dr. Jameson. Later, their ambition would be their political and economic undoing. Cecil Rhodes never lost his passion for his imperial dreams and spent much time planning and organising the colonies that were to bear his name; Rhodesia. Cecil Rhodes did of heart failure in 1902.