Marine Biologist

By: Sophia Ricottilli

When I grow up I would love to be a marine biologist. Working with sea animals and interacting with them would be amazing.

As a marine biologist, I'd like to work at SeaWorld in California.

To become a marine biologist you need to have experience in research. This can be provided during some college courses involving biological sciences. You would need a master's or bachelor's degree for this job. A Ph.D is also required and students looking into this career need to focus on science math and computers.

You can get this training in college courses at the marine biology concentration in biology in Miami, Florida. Or at the Boston University Marine program. Or at the California state, Long beach marine Biology Major.

A few disadvantages to being a marine biologist is that you have to travel a lot especially when you first become a marine biologist, this can make it hard to be around family. Another is that your putting yourself at a physical risk. A lot of the time your at sea where you have hurricanes and large waves.

If you really love your job and what you do then these disadvantages don't matter.

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