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periodic table of elements

This periodic table is called tungsten.

Tungsten the periodic table.

The tungsten periodic table is capital [ W] .

This is the symbol for the tungsten periodic table.

The automatic number for tungsten in the periodic table is 74.

The automatic numbers of the periodic table.

W- symbol for tungsten      
Tungsten - name of element       74- automatic number

Information for periodic table.

This is what website I used to help with my tackk.

photos of the periodic table elements of tungsten.

picture of periodic table.

These are some pictures of it.


IT COMES FROM..............        The word tungsten comes from the Swedish language.

What is the atomic  mass of tungsten?

This is the atomic mass of tungsten-                            

  1. Atomic mass: 183.84 ± 0.01 u

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