How to run a marathon in about 4 hours

By: Madison Dearth, Lacey Fox And Lindsey Miller

How to prepare for a marathon!!

1:Don't do anything new. When race day comes it is not the time for new shoes, new foods or drinks, or new clothing or anything you have not practiced in your training runs.  

2:Eat first thing. Many marathon runners skip breakfast before the marathon. Usually they think they just need a cup of coffee or a sports drink. But you need more than that. Bananas, bagels, or energy bars are good picks.

3: Don't overdress. Marathons usually start in the early cool of the morning and its easy to overestimate the amount of clothing you will need to wear.

4.Prevent chafing. During a marathon every moving body part that can chafe will chafe. Nothing is more irritating and painful than skin rubbed raw. To prevent this, make sure your shoes, socks and clothing have no raised seams that will rub against your skin.

5. Wear sunscreen. Marathon runners sometimes don't think about the fact they are in the sun long enough to get sunburn.

6. Pin your race number on your shorts. If you pin the number on your shorts you will not have to worry about the number messing with your upper body.

7. Top off your tank. You need to start hydrating days before the race. It is hard to super-hydrate because your kidneys have time to release any excess water you consume.

8. Keep your warm up short. It makes sense not to warm up much before a marathon. After all you want to save up as much energy as you can.

9. Run an even pace. Run slow for the first 5 to 10 miles then that's when you speed up.

10. Fix it sooner, not later. you might notice you shoe lace coming untied this is something you need to fix before.

11. Drink early-and late. Drink when you are thirsty but stop when your stomach hurts.

12. Use some gel. sports drinks contains good stuff for you but gels can help you in the last half of the marathon.

13. Don't charge up hills. If you charge up a hill it will not increase your speed but it will slow you down.

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