Roke: A Collection of Ads for Rob and Luke to Discuss

Harvey Nichols: Sorry

Why it’s noteworthy:

    · Breakthrough power in retail space (everyone is doing “door buster savings” or “20% off”)

    · Interesting way to position purchase behavior

What we can learn:

    · Product is evident in the spot, but not the main narrative.

    · Feels like an inside joke

Axe: Susan Glenn

Why it’s noteworthy:

-Uses a relatable story as a trigger. Everyone has had a crush that got away

What we can learn:

-Focus is on the story and emotional connection

-Builds to product at the end

Southern Comfort: Whatever's Comfortable

Why it’s noteworthy:

· Feels like an entertaining scene from a movie.

· Doesn’t push product benefit, taste, etc. Sells a mentality instead.

What we can learn:

· Maybe we don’t always have to try so hard to spray 100 RTBs at consumers

· Entertain 1st, get consumers to lean in…then push product 2nd

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