Rebuild Athens

By Justin Schmidt

Come to Athens now we are in our golden age.

Welcome. Athens has been rebuilt from when the Persians burned it to the ground but now it is better than ever. It now includes a lot of  entertainment near by Athens including the Olympics.


An example of an event in Olympics is the pentathlon which means that there are five different competitions that will take place in the same event for example footrace, discus throw, long jump, and wrestling are some examples of competitions that would take place in a pentathlon. The Olympics took place in altar of Zeus. Today we now have the Olympics but we just have different events.


Do you like to ask questions about almost everything and talk/argue about problems. Well Greek men do but out of all men that talked/argued there was one man that really loved it his name was Socrates he would go around and ask people if that is the truth? and how do you know that is the truth? Philosophy was a way that Greeks found logical answers.


Philosophy wasn't the only way they found  logical answers they also found their answers by using math. Greek mathematicians were fascinated by geometry which tells them how to measure land so they could know how much seed to buy to plant a field also how to build a city.


we were pioneers in astronomy There was a man named Aristarchus he was named over 850 stars and was the first to figure out a way to predict how far the moon, and sun which later helped scientist figure out the exact distance.  He was also the one that figured out that the earth revolves around the sun.  They also believed that bad things would happen because something was bothering them.


The word theater in Greek means "a viewing place." We Created Drama and Comedy. They also made a hoist which then they can lift the actor up to make it look like they are flying. Another thing they created was the revolving scenery which means it will allow them to make the story/play in a different place fast.

This is what it looks like.


The word architecture in Greek means "master builder" you can still find Greek styles of building in homes, libraries, museums. The we always used columns the type of columns were Doric, Ionic, Corinthian they used these columns to make their temples balanced and stately. The Greeks also had covered porches which is still used today also.  We also have the Acropolis which is a big hill with a lot of temples. For example the white house was built with the Greek style of Ionic.

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