Johnny Bench

Johnny was born in Oklahoma City his parents were ted and katy. he has 3 sons and is still alive today.

The position johnny plays is the catcher and the team he plays for is the Cincinnati Reds. His career lasted from 1967 to 1983. His major accomplishments were the youngest player to win rookie of the year award. Johnny's most noted skill is he played on world series winning reds team greatest catch ever. I think Johnny is a role model because he is still alive so that means he could teach young people to play baseball.

Johnny retired at 1987 to 1219. Also he had none circumstances. He did not retire because of his height or did not notice his skill to wane. Johnny did not work in another job or become the owner of a business.

Also 3 adjectives to describe johnny would be brave, awesome, and sportsmanship 1 awesome because he is a good sport. 2 brave because he can catch a ball. and 3 sportsmanship because he shows team work.

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