Australian Voice - Accents

Australian Stereotypes and Voices

  1. What is a stereotype? What are two Australian stereotypes that you have learned about and how accurate are they in your opinion?                                                        Two stereotypes that have been placed on Australians are:                                           That everyone has a BBQ. I think this is very accurate because majority of Aussies do have a BBQ and it is used as part of celebrations which are part of our culture.  That all Australians are rough and ragged. I think that this isn`t very accurate as there are some people that are very 'rustic' and 'bushman-like' but a lot of Australians enjoy the city and more luxurious things in life.
  2. How can stereotypes be damaging to a person or group?                               Stereotypes can be damaging to a person or group because it may restrict the ability or opportunity of the individual or community as there is already an assumption on what they can and cannot do.
  3. Find examples of three different Australian Accents. Which accent do you feel that you have and why? What does this reveal about you and your background?

Accents One and Two - Upper Class and Country or "Outback"

Accent Three - Ethno-Cultural

The first pair that score have an Indian and Singaporean background but have grown up in Australia.

I feel that my accent is a mix between Upper class and Country/ Outback. I have had a proper education and my parents have and always will correct my pronunciation and the way that I use words. However, I do use a fair amount of slang especially when I am watching sport. This shows that I have grown up in an urban area near farms and that I have learnt terms from growing up around older family members watching sport. Something that we are passionate about.

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