What is life without humor? What is life without spreading smiles to your close ones, loved ones and families? The answer is nothing, sharing a bunch of laughs with the close people would add to more beautiful moments in one’s life. Nowadays a number of people have started reading and sharing memes and puns. These memes are assorted according to choices and demands people have. With a wide variety of games and gamers people are looking for the best possible gaming memes available, one of the games which people enjoy the most since early gaming era is Zelda. The internet is flooded with versions of Zelda games and Zelda jokes the jokes are funny to Zelda players all over the world as they are linked with Peter Pan and the character Link. A large number of such Zelda jokes could be found on Kappit.com. The jokes can add a huge smile and in many cases one can fall of their chairs laughing.

Gamers love to laugh on headshots and stupid weaknesses their game character carries, people who play Halo are very much concerned about Master Chief’s suite being very ridiculous as it can go though nuclear blasts but master chief needs a poncho to save him from dust winds. People who enjoy playing Halo or any versions of it know that the game is full of excitement, but there could be really good jokes which could be crafted out of the game play. Kappit.com has a variety of jokes which has immense number of Halo jokes which would make you laugh. Love these jokes as they can mostly connect to it and enjoy them with their gaming friends.

Nowadays sarcastic statements and comments help people to win an argument and in many case these statements lead to more funny situations. People who like to leave a witty remark so they can offend people choose to take a small statement like how are you and make a joke out of it. People use rude one liners to make fun of people sarcastically now and then. These jokes have gained wide popularity among people who believe in sarcasm and comedy as a funny thing to keep up with, a number of such one liner could be found on Kappit.com which would make anyone laugh out of seriousness.

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