Town Center KTEX

Welcome to KTEX! I hope you're as excited about joining our production team as I am about having you with us! We're going to have an incredible time during this session of Texan Town.


Each week, we divide into two different teams:
The "Brains" and the "Talent."

The Brains work behind the scenes and aren't seen by the rest of the school during the show. For example, they might run the cameras. The Talent is in front of the camera running a segment or acting as host. These are the learners that the rest of the school sees on the show.


Q: Can I be on the "Brains" team for one week and then switch back to the "Talent" side the next week?
A: YES! You will have the opportunity to be on both teams if you'd like.

Q: Can I come up with my own idea for a segment?
A: YES! Let your creativity run wild.

Q: Will I get to work the equipment during the week?
A: YES! I will make a schedule so that everyone can get involved during the week! The more experience you get, the better.

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