Levels Of Organization


Cells are the basic building block of life, without cells no living thing would exist. Cells make up all living things and are a natural necessity of life. Cells are what we are made of. You can have a house without a structure, right?

Ex. Dog

Ex. Giraffe

Ex. Human


Tissues are what start making organs. Tissues are made when cells work together and start to form a group.

Ex. Human Tissue

Ex. Animal Tissue

Ex. Muscle  Tissue


Organs are what make bodies function. Each organ has its own role and if it doesnt keep up the system fails. Organs do all of the labor, they work to make sure everything is running correctly in or body.

Ex. Liver

Ex. Heart

Ex. Lungs

Organ System

An Organ System is a group of organs working together to make a certain system work. The Organ systems are what makes our body have jobs that they each do to make something we need in our body work.

Ex. Respiratory System

Ex. Digestive System

Ex. Nervous System


An organism is EVERYTHING put all together to make a final product. When i think of an organism i think about the body as a whole and everything working together to make a final product.

Ex. Human

Ex. Plant

Ex. Cat