How to get increasely fast Speed

steps to getting speed

   1) start running on however long you can.

   2)once you know how long you can run keep increasing that by 30 seconds.

   3) you should always use F.I.T!!!

   F) Frequency refers to how often you exercise. If you exercise more often,your fitness can improve faster.

    I.) Intensity refers to how hard you exercise. Exercising harder can make you stronger. It can also improve endurance.

   T.) Time is how long you exercise. If you spend more time exercising, your fitness can improve.

   One way to remember frequency, intensity, and time is to remember that the first letters spell FIT. To avoid injury, don't increase more than one part of FIT at a time. Also, don't increase any one part of FIT at a time. Your teacher or parents can help you change parts of FIT safely.

P.S. Don't forget to stretch every time you run before and after and drink plenty of water.

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