BY:Cameron Cussins


Relationships can be very complicated. Relationships happen when two people that like or even love each other. In life relationships can last forever or even one day, you never know how long you could be together. So you should cherish the time you have together.

Why can relationships be bad?

The issue with relationships is that some people get to attached and end up getting their heart broken. What I think about relationships is that you should be aloud to date anyone but with a risk of a heart break. No couple should not be aloud to date if they want to. But just remember to not to get to attached. An adviser relationship lasts a few months.


  • relationships can last a long time
  • relationships can last a short time
  • you are aloud to date anyone with permission of the person that you want to date


  • relationships cause drama
  • boyfriend/girlfriend are hard to deal with
  • they are crazy

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