The Knight

The knight's Tale revolves around, you guessed it, the Knight. The knight was a noble man of high ranking who fought with honor and diligently followed the code of chivalry.

The Knight in this story is a man named Theseus. Three women went to Theseus for help because the king, Creon, killed their husbands and would not give tho bodies back so that they could mourn. Theseus overthrows Creon and returns the bodies to their wives.

Theseus noticed the bodies of two knights on the ground. They were nearly dead but he nursed them back to health but then threw them in jail. The knights, Arcite and Palamon, see Theseus' sister in law and instantly fall in love with her.

Years later, Arcite's friend Penotheus gets him out of jail. On the day that Arcite was to return to his city, Palamon breaks out of jail. They meet up and a fight starts. Theseus breaks them up and declares that in 50 weeks they will duel with 100 of the best men that they can gather. The winner gets Emilie.

After 50 weeks they arrive at the stadium. Before the battle, Palaman prays to Venus the goddess of love for Emilie's hand in marriage. Arcite prays to Mars the god of war for victory in battle. Emilie prays to Diana the goddess of virginity but she was denied. Arcite wins in the end but is thrown off of his horse and killed. After mourning for many years Palaman and Emilie get married.

The Knight's Tale

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