Jennifer Lopez

Briana Poole

Jennifer Lopez is a well known actress, singer producer & dancer. Her first real job in the entertainment industry was a " Fly Girl " dancer on the show In Living Color. Jennifer Lopes went on too be the first Latina actress too earn 1 million dollars for her role in Out Of Site. In 1999 she explored the music industry & released her first studio album " On the 6". She became one of the few people who was successful moving from the film to music industry.

Jennifer Lopez was born July 24th 1969

Jennifer Lopez was born in the Castle Hill neighborhood of The Bronx , New York. Jennifer's Lopez's family wasnt the richest of families. The family lived a small apartment up until Jennifer was 5 or 6 years old , when the family had saved up enough money to move in to a 2 story house. When Jennifer was 5 years old she was enrolled in singing and dancing classes. Jennifer lopez has been enrolled in Catholic Schools for her academic career & graduated from Preston High School. While in high school Jennifer did gymnastics, was a part of the schools track team & was a also a part of the schools softball team.  

During her last year of high school ( 1986) she heard about a film casting that was looking too cast several young girls for small roles. She auditioned and got cast in " My Little Girl" a low budget film. After her role she realized that acting was what she wanted to do. To please her parents she enrolled in Baruch College but dropped out after only one semester. Her parents were disappointed & didn't agree with her dream. She then moved out the family house into her own apartment. She was hired  in a musical on Broadway that toured Europe but she didn't enjoy it. Eventually she got a on the show Synchronicity where she acted as a singer, dancer & choreographer.

Jennifer's first high profile job was a Fly Girl on the show " In Living Color" , from 1991 to 1996. From the years 1997 to 2000 Jennifer Lopez was doing very well. She starred as Selena in the Biography of Selena. Jennifer also put out her first studio album " On the 6th ". So during that time Jennifer was living a real good life , fulfilling her dreams.

I chose these videos and pictures because i feel like they show how far she has come. She got to work with lots artist that she wouldnt have thought that she would have.

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