Shaun Knapp – The “President” At Affordable Life Plans, LLC

Shaun Knapp is a dedicated business professional carrying more than thirteen years of rich experience in the banking and financial industry. Prior to commencing his professional journey, he completed his formal education from some of the top institutions in the country. After successfully completing his secondary studies, attended Texas Tech University and opted Business Management as the main subject.

Presently, Shaun Knapp serves as the “President” at Affordable Life Plans, LLC; which is one of the most trusted Subscription-based professional services firms for Middle America. As the President, he is responsible for providing strategic leadership for the firm by working closely with his Controller, Directors, & other Senior Executives. Through his calculating, sharp business management skills and vast financial knowledge, he also implements policies and procedures to increase employee productivity and profitability in the company.

Before working with Affordable Life, Plans, LLC, Shaun has worked for many reputed companies in the United States, including – Gulf Coast Western; AssessMD; Safeguard Recovery, LLC; Safeguard Capital, LLC; Capital One Bank, N.A.; and Wachovia National Bank. In these companies too, he worked diligently and proved his proficiency.

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