Already Gone

You ask me not to leave
But darlin', won't you see?

I'm already gone.

I've joined the stars
And I'm strung up high,
Held tightly by my puppet master.
I can't come down.
I won't come down.

I'm already gone.

You believe that I am finally back.
That I'm once again
Leading my own life.

However, you don't ever realize
It was a slip.
The puppet master that holds me, strung up, me being so far away
from you.

I've got my head so held up
So held up in the dark night sky
The feeling of being on
The brink of death
Is constant.
Even when I feel most alive.

Because I'm already gone.

I'm reaching.
I'm reaching.

I'm reaching for the ground.

But you don't see my hand.
My hand stretched out to yours,
As I beg you to pull me down.
But you're blind.

That's why I'm already gone.

I'm already gone

Because everyone around me,
Who I've once held near and dear,
Turned their backs.
Allowing the puppet master that holds me up
Pull me further away from you.

And then I'm even more gone than I already was.

So, darlin',
Won't you see?
Please, open your eyes.

All you'll see is that

I'm already gone.

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