Cheeto's Interplanetary Travels

By: Landon Zura

Cheeto’s Interplanetary Travels

The year is 20000, and nothing is really special on earth. Yes most of the stereotypes of a futuristic community set forth by “The Jetsons” have been accomplished, but most of them have been outlawed by the new order. The “new order” is this new form of global police that have been put in place because of the rapidly developing future. The advanced technology brought a large advantage to criminals everywhere. After the government removed most of the tech off the streets and destroyed it all, they made it illegal. The world looks and acts as if it was 2011 again. Although most of the advanced technology was destroyed, some of it was saved for scientific uses, especially space travel. With this new way of space exploration, N.A.S.A can now travel to distant planets with ease.

Well one day a spaceship was preparing to take off and shook the entire earth around it. This included a walnut tree. This tree is special though. It is the home to a squirrel who was snuggly sleeping in his nest. As this ship was prepping for launch, the poor squirrel, Cheeto, was thrown from the tree to a mere yards from the launch site. Cheeto, having a terrible fear of crows, hears a very prominent caw. The fearful squirrel ran towards the ship and he started up the edge to escape the deathful crows. As he climbed forth to the top of this ship, he started to hear muffled voices. Here the squirrel penetrated the ships hull by slipping through a small exhaust port. Cheeto had made sure to follow the port into what appeared to be an engine room. Here the muffled voices from earlier had become much clearer. The confused little rodent had followed the sounds of these voices. This brought him to the control room full of people in large cumbersome suits. These people were communicating through a radio system. Everyone seemed to have their own task. At this moment, Cheeto heard a loud, dominant voice start to countdown.

“T- minus 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 liftoff” the deep burly voice announced.

The whole room started to violently shake. Cheeto then realized that the ship was moving upwards. The terrified squirrel then lost consciousness for he couldn’t take anymore. Hours had passed before the squirrel had awaken again. Cheeto regained consciousness and happened to glance out the window. The only thing to meet his eye was darkness. Darkness with faint white dots in the distant. He was dazed by this sight for it was so beautiful. The squirrel gazed out the window for hours before he heard a voice ask,

“What is that in the rear of the cabin?”

“ITS A SQUIRREL” replied a different voice frantically.

A calm deep voice sent a message, “Houston we have a problem.”

“Relay the problem” replied a scratchy voice over a speaker.

“Uhh Houston, there is a squirrel in the cabin.”

“A squirrel? Did I hear you correctly Captain Jones?”

“Yes you did Houston. There is a squirrel on board.” replies Captain Jones.

To which Houston replies with “Is the rodent imposing any problems? If not let it be do not aggravate it.”

Jones ends the comms relay with “The squirrel is fine, looks like its going for an adventure.”

Cheeto the proceeded ignore the commotion and gaze out the window some more. After this the squirrel stepped into a corner and fell asleep. Well he was awoken by the rattling of the ship. Here the ship was preparing to touchdown on Zajera, a distant mining planet. As the ship made its loud creaking noises of cooling off for the inhabitants to exit, the squirrel became anxious to exit the ship and explore this new world. Cheeto became stunned for he started breathing pure oxygen in the artificial atmosphere created by N.A.S.A. Off in the distance a small town was echoing its petite yet loud party club. Intrigued, Cheeto trotted his little self towards the village. Upon the outskirts of the town an elder alien had called out to Cheeto.

“Hey! What on living Zajera are you?”

Cheeto only could look at him puzzled.

“Come over yonder called out the elder.”

He proceeded to dig out a small helmet looking device. The old man gently handed the device down to Cheeto. As he set it upon the startled squirrel’s head and flipped a switch, the old man glew with joy.

“My invention... IT WORKS!” claimed the old man.

“This guy is creepy” announced a light sensible voice.

Cheeto only came to realize that his thoughts were now being translated to English and came over the small speaker on the top of the cap.

“Woa this is amazing. How did one accomplish such a feat?” asked Cheeto.

“Well instead of a normal adjustment band on the helmet, I have replaced it with a neurotransmitter. The “smart band” reads and analyses your thoughts and can repeat in in any

Earth language. Try it out. I will change the language. All I need you to do is think about your favorite color.”

“Ok that sounds easy enough.” replied Cheeto

The helmet started speaking in many different languages.

“ Meine Lieblingsfarbe ist rot... Moje oblíbená barva je červená... 我最喜歡的顏色是紅色的... لوني المفضل هو اللون الأحمر” Spoke the helmet translator.

“Wow that is amazing” expressed Cheeto’s thought helmet in English.

“I know right!” responded the elder eagerly. “Now that I have given you this invention of mine, I need you to do something for me.

“What would that be Mr.?” asked Cheeto.

“I need you to retrieve my stolen toilet paper. The army of non wipers who are trying to rule Zajera had stolen it from my very grasps.” stated the man.

“I think I can accomplish this” Cheeto expained

“Before you set forth on your adventure, I want you to take this.” Says the town elder.

He handed Cheeto a small pad.

“What does this do?” inquired the squirrel

“ Its a hologram computer that can answer any question you have. Be careful though, she if very delicate.” continued the old man.

Cheeto went on his way towards the inner part of the town. He was then called upon again by a man in the alley.

“Aye homes, you got yourself some fancy tech I see” Stated the young man wearing full mauve.

At this time four more young men stepped out from the bowels of the alley. Except they all are wielding weapons.

“Booting up... Systems active. Shields initiated.” a female like voice started. “Hello Cheeto nice to meet you. Looks like these ballas are trying to steal me from you. I would suggest running while my shields are still active.”

Cheeto runs from the alley and puts his squirrel skills at work. He ran up the side of a building. Just to be sure, the scared squirrel ran across three other rooftops to make sure that the gangstas were not on his tail.

Cheeto was confused when she saw what appeared to be a military base in the distance. Cheeto had this strange feeling inside that all the toilet paper was stored there. He ran as fast as he could towards the base. Once he arrived, the computer started talking to him.

“Enabling cloaking device. Now Cheeto once you are cloaking, myself or the translator are not able to be used. This will make you appear like a normal specimen from Zajera.”

Cheeto then climbed through a small hole in the cement wall. He ventured through and he stumbled upon this small brick building. Sneaking through this small open window, Cheeto revealed a large surplus of toilet paper. The little hologram become visible again. She then started teleporting toilet paper into a place unknown. Once all of it was gone, she started cloaking again and Cheeto made a discreet exit. He then ran faster than ever back to the elder man’s house.

“Here is all the toilet paper you could ever need” Cheeto’s helmet spoke.

“I can not thank you enough Cheeto. I hope you have a safe journey home.” Replied the elder.

Cheeto then ran towards the launch site. This is where the squirrel met eyes with an extra terrestrial shape shifter. He stopped on a dime. Cheeto started eying up this shapeshifter who has taken shape of a female squirrel. The alien was tempting for Cheeto but as soon as he heard a voice on a speaker say

“Take off to Earth in one minute”

Cheeto ran so quickly towards the vessel. He found the exact exhaust port he had entered through the first time. The astronauts were astounded by the return of Cheeto. They were even more surprised by the fact that they could now understand Cheeto’s thoughts. Cheeto, now whooped, curled up in a corner and slept the whole ride home. Once back on Earth, the squirrel has now found his comfy little tree. Cheeto then paced up to the top and finally reached his nest. He entered his seemingly foreign nest and plopped on the floor only to find a cozy nights rest.

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