Taylor Swift

By: Abby O.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a star? Going to award shows, preforming at arena’s, winning awards, walking the red carpet, playing concerts, meeting fans, and hearing the crowd scream YOUR NAME! Well, Taylor Swift lives that every day. I’m going to tell you all about her amazing life. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee at her wonderful house. She has a mom and dad, Schott and Andrea Swift, and her brother, Austin. Can you believe that a small town farm girl grew up to be a star! Well, believe it. IT’S TRUE!

Starting career

Taylor Swift was born December 13, 1989, in Wyoming, Pennsylvania on a Christmas tree farm. She grew up loving country music and listened to it A LOT! One Christmas morning when she was 9 years old, she opened up the best present of her life. A GUITAR! After a couple months of waiting she finally met fate. A cable guy was fixing her heating when he spotted the guitar in the corner of the room. Ever since she turned 14, he has been teaching her how to play guitar. She didn’t stop her dream there. After months of asking, She finally visited Nashville, Tennessee “The City of Music!” Taylor Swift had determination to pursue her dreams. Also, the head of Sony Records lived in Nashville. It was her big chance. The 13 year old girl knocked on his door holding her guitar more determined, Exited, and yet terrified than she had ever been in her entire life. Taylor Played him a song she wrote and left him amazed. Then… what do you know, she got a record with Sony! A 13 year old girl got a deal with A Sony Records, all on her own.


Taylor was a success! But many people don’t know she faced challenges like everyone else. In the middle of the summer, for example, she and her family had to move to Wyoming, Pennsylvania and sell the farm to go live in Nashville, Tennessee because of the record deal. She was exited to move, but she was also scared to go to a new school. When the first day of school came around, People weren’t so excited about the new music girl. They would make fun of her and bully her mainly because of jealousy. But good for her, she met her life-long best friend, Abigail. She also had to drop her deal with Sony because they wouldn’t let her write her own songs. Good for her she was offered another deal with Big Machine Records, and has been with her ever since and still is now.


Taylor Swift wrote her very first album when she was 14 years old, Named “Taylor Swift.” She opened up for many country stars like Tim McGraw, Brad Pit, and Rascal Flats, and a lot more. Her first song was Tim McGraw. Her first album had songs like Stay Beautiful, Teardrops on my guitar, and Should’ve said no. Her second album was Fearless. It had around 15 new songs and her new sold out album. She even went on her first tour! Some of her hit songs even played on the radio like Love Story, You Belong with me, Fifteen and more.

Speak Now

Her third album is named “Speak Now.” Not only does the album have songs they mean something. The songs are written for people who had some sort of impact in her life or took place in an important moment in her life. There messages that she wanted to say to them but never got the chance or just wanted to keep her feelings personal. The song Dear John is one example of a heart break. The Lyrics…”You are an expert at sorry, and keeping lines blurry.Never impressed by me acing your test! All the girls that you've run dry, Have tired life less eyes cause you… burned, them, OUT!! But I took the matched before fire could catch me so don’t look NOW! Then another successful tour!

The Red Tour

Her latest album “Red” features songs like State of Grace, Red, Treacherous, I knew you were trouble, All to well, 22, I almost do, We are never ever ever getting back together, Stay stay stay, Holy Ground, The last time, The lucky one, Everything has changed, Starlight, and begin again. These are all the songs on the album in order. In my opinion, they are all great and catchy songs to listen to and learn. For the red tour she went to over 46 countries and cities. I even got to see one of the concerts in person when she stopped in Kansas City. She also made up some quotes over the years like...

"Love is a ruthless game, unless you play it good and right."

Every single fan cant wait to see what she is going to write next.