A New Puppy

By Monana Holloway

It is February we got told by mom that we where going to get a new puppy and he was a German shepherd. My mom (dawn) asked me what do do what to name him and I say max I told my mom I like the name maxx and she did to she told me to ask dady so I did and he liked the name to. We where heading to hoisting with my dad's friend his name is (curt) I called my grandma her name is (Nyla) she side that we don't need any more dogs and she was right. Grandma asked me what it was so I said his name is maxx mom dad & me like that name and she agreed me I told her that he was a German shepherd.But my mom was at work and me and my dad where in jousting with (curt) his friend!my dad I don't think water to leave I was driving him crazy asking him every minute. We'll we finally made it to oschlens and I saw maxx he was so cute I wanted to eat him but my mom said I was not allowed to.

Whell we filly got to my dads truck then my mom told me I half to go take care of the pigs my dad said we would go take care of the pigs.So when we got to the pigs I did not what to let go of maxx my dad said he would be fin go feed the Tom and jerrey which that was my pigs name. I got do feeding tom and jerrey I got in my dad truck and he gave me maxx. Then we where heading home to my house we got to my house my mom ended up meating us there. I gave maxx to my mom. My dad told me that we where going to go eat by stafford so my mom told. Me to go get dressed and gave me maxx I took him to my room and played with him. I took maxx down stairs with my dad then I wheat back up stairs and got dresses and my mom was redoing her mackup. Maxx was sitting in the bottom of the stair case wining my mom said go get the dog so I wheat to go get maxx and I took him back to my room and I capt calling him my puppy but I was not for sure if he was mine or not so I asked my mom if he was mine and she said yes. Then we left to go eat and we did not have a kennel for maxx so we had to take him with us and my dad told me to go to the truck with maxx.

We'll I got to the truck my dad said that my nana and papa where coming to eat with us.So we got there and my dad said let maxx out so he and go to the bathroom and I was freeking out I was saying what if he gets taking and my mom said he was not going to get takin. My dad and mom said put maxx in the car so we can go eat.nso afte I put maxx in the truck my mom cracked the widows so he would have air.we wheat in the restaurant en we sat down then my nana and papa sawed up and we told them that we got a new puppy and my nana and papa wanted to see max so I asked my mom for her keys and we went to the truck and told them that his name was maxx and he was a German shepherd. Then than my papa told me that I have a good dog and that he was very pretty and he went back to the restaurant and my nana said he is cute so then we locked up the truck and wheat back to the restaurant. We ordered our food and sat down and eat we where down by 9:00 then we whet to go pay me and my dad whent outside grabs maxx let him run and play my mom nana and papa came out of the restaurant my nana and papa said that they neded to go home.

My mom said that those girls in there they now momma go sow them your new puppy, my dad and me walked over there and I ended up where they coold which I that that was gross because they had there food out and I had a German shepherd in the kitchen where they cooked and maxx max really bad about shedding but they said it was okay. Maxx was getting really Harvey because all those weman where petting maxx so he was getting really heavy so won of the cooks took him and they said he was really soft. So the hed cook took maxx from the won girl and she wanted to keep maxx but I told he no he mine and I love him so much. She gave me back maxx and I left and my dad meet me by the door and asked me if he needed to take maxx and I aside no thank u I got maxx but thank u any way but by time we go to the truck my dad had to take him for me my mom tolded me to get in the truck and I did then my dd gave me my dog so we headed back to great bend. We had to go to orchlens to get a kennel for maxx so he would be in a crat and nit eat anything when would leave him.

We left orchlens then we headed home when we got home we had to let at her dogs out my mom and dad had plot let ace the choclet lab out and the Great Dane Boston terrier out and I haled on to maxx till they let all the dogs in then I whent outside so he got to the bathroom. Then we had to let the dogs meet so the Great Dane went first she licked maxx she was a little mad but the she got over it then it was ace and Riley thern they loved the puppy ace wanted to play but maxx was to little so ace could not play with maxx. Then my grandma got home at 12:00pm she let Libby her choclet lab outside to go to the bathroom then they cam back inside my grandma got to see maxx she that he was cute she gave him back to me I sat him buy me he fall asleep so when the Great Dane wants to lay buy maxx let her well she moved me out of the way for she could lay buy maxx. Marlee was laying buy maxx and my grandma said move Marlee my mom said ya she can hert the puppy so I hade to move 100 pound Great Dane (ya) that was not fun so a was laying by my puppy. Maxx got up got of the couch started the little puppy bark was annoying Marlee she was getting mad my dad said grab maxx.

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