Gothic & Lolita Bible is a magazine/book publication released quarterly. It covers the title styles of fashion, along with many other related subcultures. It covers new clothing releases, any notable events that happen in the western community, and includes interviews with related music artists and designers. It is originally a Japanese release, but here I am covering volume 3 of the Western version.

The tone of the writing differs, depending on who it is written by. Text translated from the original G&L has a friendly, informal tone while the western-original articles, though do try to match the original writing, seem more professional and less familiar. The original writing may come across somewhat cheesy, but it makes the additional writing seem stiff. It creates a sense of distance between the two sides of the culture, and would be greatly improved if they stuck completely with one tone and writing style or the other.

The page layouts are fairly chaotic, especially comparing to western fashion magazines; however, it holds the interest much better and draws attention to the featured pictures well. The images take paramount, large, overlapping  and often full-page photos being the norm, with patterned backgrounds on every page.

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