Nic, Good or Evil

Nic with the good side of life but also with bad.

Nic of the good but evil.

Nic whose will is bigger than he is tall.

Is patient and kind, accepting everyone, insulting no one.

Trying to run from evil and stay positive not ugly.

Seeing the good in life and taking the evil out and throwing it away.

Helping those in need and keeping poverty low.

Keeping his head held high.

Lifting peoples spirits.

Nic, Lending people a hand when they desperately need it.

Giving them what ever they need to borrow or keep or drink or eat.

Saving people from poverty,hunger and loneliness.

Because he hates seeing people sad,lonely,hungry,and living on the streets.

Nic,inside peoples minds telling them they can when they think they can't.

Inside the bad and fighting to defeat it forever.

Inside the good and keeping it strong.

Is the greatest role model to kids around the world.

Fighting to keep the world happy.

Creating charity's to help those in need.

Looking for change in the ugly world we live in now.

Asking people if their lives changed through his mission to change the world.

And making the world a better place... good.

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