The newest trend "#YesAllWomen" has raised awareness, confusion, controversy, and realization. Basically, this hashtag came about in a twitter conversation between two women and has since inspired millions of social networking users worldwide. The idea behind #YesAllWomen is that even in this day and age, females still experience a multitude of discrimination in society. Aside from discrimination, females also face the dangers of rape, abuse, and murder by men in the world today. Recently, male social networking users have created an opposing hashtag "#NotAllMen", which ties directly into the argument that "feminism is anti-male", which is not the case. The argument is not that all men are rapists, murderers, or  misogynists, but that all women have been victims of either rape, murder, abuse, or misogyny. In a society that tells women to dress a certain way in order to avoid rape, rather than telling men not to rape, a nonviolent feminism awareness act could not have come sooner. When we live in a world where women directly link self-worth with appearance, when 77% of anti-abortion leaders are men, but none of them will ever be pregnant, when teenaged girls are getting sent home for "provocative attire", while boys can wear T-shirts with demeaning slogans against women, when women are being told "boys will be boys" as if their gender outweighs their self control, when we have still yet to have a female president, there is undoubtably a serious issue worth talking about.

If you have read this blog, and still feel the urge to argue "#NotAllMen", then you have completely overlooked the point.