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Many Veterans Adapt to a Strange World, One With Walls

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This article talks about Art Harmon, a homeless veteran, and his new life that he has gotten because of a program that helps the homeless get homes and care. Since 2010, Obama's administration has spent $4 billion hiring staff workers, obtaining more social services and medical programs, renting apartments all so they could achieve one goal of ending veteran homelessness by the end of 2016. This system has proven its efficiency. Since its founding, it has placed 51,000 veterans in houses and has set up a better life for them. But, there is still 50,000 veterans that are still homeless. The head of this project, Mr. Shinseki has resigned due to the departments health care scandal and some Republicans in Congress are questioning weather the department has spent its money wisely on funding this program. So now there is a pretty big chance that Congress will no longer finance this program to the extent they currently are. However, advocates for the homeless have backed up the program and are saying that the money is being well spent. Phoenix and Salt Lake City just announced that they have ended veteran's homelessness and other cities are getting close to that as well. So this trend shows that the program is helping to get rid of veterans homelessness effectively. Since more of the easy homeless cases have been felt with, housing the remaining homeless will be difficult and most people don't want the help until they are ready to handle paying bills again. Other than this program that gives housing to homeless veterans, The Department of Veterans Affairs is also spending a huge sum of money that gives short term grants to keep veterans from becoming homeless. Going back to Mr. Harmon's story, one team spotting him on the freeway and signed him up for the program and said that they would get him an apartment. Because he was homeless, he did not have all the documents needed but the department helped to find them. They also helped Mr. Harmon with his health and drug addiction problems. The program's "housing first" philosophy says that people will deal with health and addictions better if they have a stable place to live, that is proven with Mr. Harmon's case. In conclusion, this program really does help homeless veterans and even though their funding is probably going to go down, it is a great resource that changes peoples' lives.

Ideals Related to This Story

Opportunity and Liberty are related to this story.

Opportunity is related to this article because this article explains how a program that helps homeless veterans start new lives. This program gives the people the opportunity to start over and have a better life. With the apartment and support given to the homeless, they would get the opportunity and fortune to do things that they wouldn't be able to without the help from the organization. Liberty is also related to this article because with the organization, the homeless veterans have the liberty to achieve their dreams and have the liberty to do things they wouldn't be able to do if they were homeless.

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